Heliu (Watersmeet) Waterfall (河流瀑布), Dapu

Heliu (Meeting of Waters) Waterfall

Heliu (Meeting of Waters) Waterfall


Another view

A fine low, wide cascade at the point where a tributary stream enters the XXXX River. The suspension bridge and trails that once led upstream from the parking area beside National Route 3 to the cascade and on up to the waterfalls above, have both long since disappeared, but it’s an easy enough river trace (don’t attempt when river is high). The main obstacle is a low concrete dam on the way. The easiest way round it is to go through it, on a salmon ladder built beside the dam on the far side of the river from the road. The ladder pierces the damn via a tunnel. Emerging from the other side it’s a short walk upstream to the convergence of streams and the waterfall.

ACCESS: Moderate; requires fording a river (at least thigh deep in places), scrambling around a low concrete dam, and some simple river tracing.


Fushan Waterfall lies on another tributary stream a short walk further south.