Guanyin Waterfall (觀音瀑布), Zhuqi (***)


Guanyin Waterfall is named for its supposed resemblance to the Goddess of Mercy


A second fall lies immediately below the main one


A much older photo, taken in the early 1990s

After being closed for several years following catastrophic Typhoon Morakot-inflicted damage, access to this popular and very lovely waterfall is now from the opposite direction (from above), and instead of the former trail that once led upstream, climbing a cliff via a tall metal spiral staircase to reach the base of the fall, a narrow road now zigzags from above down into the gorge and leads all the way to the viewing platform across from the leaping waters. The approach road is, however narrow and very steep, with some hairpin bends, and while confident scooter riders can ride (carefully) all the way down to the waterfall, cars should be left at the start of the track.

A small temple stands next to the viewing point over the waterfall, which does bare a fairly obvious general resemblance in shape to the white-robed Goddess of Mercy.   After the main waterfall the stream leaps over a second substantial fall into a deep gorge below.

ACCESS: EASY. Road to viewing platform is rough, steep, and with very sharp bends, drivable only by scooters. Cars can be parked in car park close to point where track down waterfall branches off the main road.



Phoenix Waterfall (鳳凰瀑布): South of Guanyin Waterfall, just below county route 159 at the settlement of Xiapingzi (下坪仔), Phoenix Waterfall apparently has two falls (although I’ve only found one, attractive but only about 15 meters high, on my only visit, way back in the mid 1990s!). One of them can be easily seen from the road above, although it’s not clear whether the steepish but short dirt trail that leads down the waterfalls is still passable.


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