Shengshen Valley Falls (神仙谷), Luchang (***(*))



Luchang’s best-known and most impressive attraction, Shenxian Valley; “Valley of the Sacred Sprits”) is a traditional resting place for the souls of the Atayal tribe, and occurs at the point where the Luchang and Fengmei Streams dramatically unite, pouring over
a waterfall fifteen meters high into a gorge of bare rock. The best time to come
here is after a period of heavy rain, when the combined water of the two streams
pouring over a fall wider than it is high is a spectacular sight. It’s less than five
minutes from the road along a path with steps and hand rails into the valley, and
a long suspension bridge spanning the gorge provides an excellent view over
the tumult below.

ACCESS: Easy, along a short, stepped path.

Trailhead: 24.546000, 121.028722




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