Butterfly Valley Waterfall (蝴蝶谷瀑布), Guguan

Butterfly Valley Waterfall

Now that the awesome Dragon Valley Waterfall is out-of-bounds to all visitors except river-tracers, the far smaller but lovely Butterfly Valley Waterfall is the most renowned waterfall (of many) in the Guguan area. It’s usually combined with an ascent of Mount Tangmadan (1,305 meters), the seventh and lowest of the Guguan Seven Heroes mountains. Even if you don’t climb the peak, it’s a rocky and moderately strenuous hike up and then down to the waterfall. The short but (also steep) side trail to the waterfall departs from the summit trail about halfway up.

ACCESS: Moderately Strenuous, with some steep rocky ascents.

Trailhead: 24.164740, 120.957280

The trail upstream to the waterfall

The trail upstream to the waterfall